00401 třešť zoning plan

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Třešť, with the population approximately 6 000 inhabitants in app. 1 500 houses, is located in Southwest Moravia about 20 km south of Jihlava. It consists of four districts – Buková, Čenkov, Slavice and Třešť itself. The first written mention related to the parish church of st. Martin dates in 1349. Třešť has mainly developed in second half of the 16th century due to the development of drapery, later textile and machine industry. In 1989 the railroad from Kostelec to Telč was opened and in 1902 Třešť became a town.

The development of the city is mainly suggested within the current built-up area. We define several new localities mainly on the west. There is a unique section of the city situated along Třešťský Creek which is suitable for the development of greenery or recreational facilities (swimming pool, equitation, playground etc.). A built-up area boundary in Buková, Čenkov and Slavice is conserved. The new zoning plan provides a balance between living, work and recreation and conditions for the sustainable development of the municipality, its infrastructure and surrounding landscape.

Třešť, Vysočina Region, CZ
Třešť Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
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project area:
4 699 ha