We are always primarily interested in where the house is going to be built, its relation and context. A house is not a statue; it doesn’t stand on its own. It is always a part of the city or the country. Therefore, we like to deal with a full range of architectural assignments and tasks – from urban planning to detail and from theory to implementation. Our perfect contract is, in the Bohigas’s sense, an “urban project“ – a structure, where each house intertwines with the city and where public meets private.

The architectural office was established in 2001 by Jiří Knesl and Jakub Kynčl – originally as a free association of architects that was later transformed into a limited company KNESL + KYNČL. In January 2016 Jan Weiss and Bohuš Zoubek became partners of the office and the name of the company changed to knesl kynčl architekti. In 2019 Martin Trčka became a partner.

The studio is based in Brno, Czech Republic, and has a branch office in Prague. Actually it employs about 30 architects and other collaborators and on a long-term basis it cooperates with a team of specialized companies to ensure success even with the most comprehensive tasks.