00735 X 43 from bosonohy to kníničky, brno

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A crucial communication for the northern part of Brno agglomeration, the X 43 route‘s most   complicated stretch appears to be between Bosonohy to Kníničky. The study mainly focuses on finding a solution for Bystrc, a district with the heaviest traffic, where it plans to create

a Connecting Park that would allow to re-integrate Brno Dam in the city and improve the quality of life

for its residents.

The most important change is to cancel the Old Highway and place the X 43 underground. The Connecting Park, created as a result, will allow smooth connection of housing estates Bystrc I and II including adequate access to the Dam. An axis following the new promenade runs through the Connecting Park, lined with sycamore trees and finished with a colonnade at the waterfront.

Lines of traditional tree types, birch, and pine groves, and orchards change into grass meadows and playgrounds. Marginal parts may be used as private gardens. The Park will complete the concept of Bystrc as a city in greenery.

The study also deals with the change of traffic organisation including an overpass of a tram line, roads, walkways and cycle routes. The design includes a direct and non-conflicting connection of Přístavní Street with the new promenade and the waterfront.

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Bosonohy – Bystrc - Kníničky, Brno, CZ
Kancelář architekta města Brna
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, David Mikulášek; Jiří Fixel, Vlastislav Novák, Zdeněk Sendler
Petra Dušková, Martin Jetelina, Štěpán Vašut, Jiří Fixel, Vlastislav Novák, Tomáš Hruban, Zdeněk Sendler
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1 280 000 m2