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Modernization of the Water Supply and Sewage System Vyškov (vak vyškov) facilities, located on the periphery of the city on Brněnská Street, is designed as part of the reorganization of the existing headquarters comprising of several buildings in a bad construction and technical condition or inconvenient in terms of operation. Only one of these buildings is preserved – partially restored building 05 that is newly completed with a longitudinal structure following the site’s shape and enclosing the protected courtyard. The new structure strictly separates public and staff facilities, and offers a well-arranged disposition with modern customer service center and administrative background in the front – two-story – section, with garages, storages and other technical functions following in the rear section. The courtyard space is also divided into two parts – the representative, publicly accessible part with a small park and customer’s parking lot, and closed part for the staff and technical facilities. The horizontal form of the building is supported by a loggia along the offices in the 2nd floor; the customer service center is emphasized by a protruding entrance part. To maintain the operation of the premises during the reconstruction it is possible to divide the realization into several phases.

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Brněnská, Vyškov, CZ
Vyškov Water & Sewerage Company
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Adam Koten
Jakub Tesař (DPS), Josef Hajný (AD)
project phase:
detailed project documentation
project period:
project site:
8 555 m2
build-up area:
3 048 m2
floor area:
3 600 m2