00752 urbanist study of tomáš baťa county hospital compound utilisation in zlín

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The condition of Tomáš Baťa County Hospital in Zlín is unsuitable and therefore the hospital might be moved to a different location. The study's objective is to find a suitable use for the hospital compound — an opportunity to build a brand-new urban neighbourhood.

The original hospital complex, in the west part of the territory is preserved for further use by healthcare. The structure is stripped of the later adaptations and additions and its original pavilion-like character is restored, with a Small Gahura Prospect in the middle. The existing park closes on the north by a new social and cultural building of “New Little Theatre”. The key concept behind the new eastern part is to create a structure on the boundary of the garden city and the block development with clearly defined public areas that are complemented by universal four-floor houses based on Baťa's 6.15 × 6.15-meter module. This concept allows the houses to be used in line with the city's actual needs — for example for housing, administration, social services, or education.

A streak separates the original hospital buildings from the intended development. Both parts are linked with a new city boulevard forming a backbone of the complete area and with a restored waterfront of Dřevince river, reserved for pedestrians and cyclists only.

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Zlín, CZ
Zlín Municipality — Jiří Korec
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
project period:
project site:
21 m2
build-up area:
48 158 m2
floor area:
118 853 m2