00660 statky dolní morava

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A recreation complex on an exposed site based on the archetype of an East-Sudeten house foundin northern Moravia and Silesia.

Situated in the natural territory of Dolní Morava, the new compound for active recreation is planned on a sloping site fringed by forest on east and west. The heart of the location is a centre offering a wide range of services for residents as well as other visitors (restaurant, conference room, store with a reception, wellness, outdoor pool, playrooms, playground, etc.).

Similarly to the historical farmsteads, ten apartment houses are arranged into four clusters, two or three houses at a time, each of them together defining a semi-private space — an analogy of a historical farmyard. Depending on the site's inclination the houses have one to three floors with an attic under a gable roof. All houses have the same ground plan with the principal living areas in the corners for maximum daylight. All apartments have their enclosed balcony or a terrace, sanitary facilities, and a kitchen unit. Dark sheet metal covers the houses and the front facades are largely glassed and panelled.

Parking is partially hidden under the terrain and the compound is completed with abundant localwoody plants.

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Dolní Morava, CZ
soukromý investor (VAKABRNOCZ s.r.o.)
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Štěpán Vašut
project period:
od 2019
project site:
29 243 m2
build-up area:
5 656 m2
floor area:
14 957 m2