00640 south moravian regional motorway and road network planning study

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The motorways and expressways network in the Brno metropolitan area has been left unfinished for many years. The essential part of the problem is the location of the 43 Road between Brno and Svitavy (or through Bystrc or Veverská Bítýška), because this road serves mainly transport inside the wider city area, while transit in the north-south direction is minimal. Sixteen different solution options representing different approaches have been prepared based on analysis of the current situation and on other existing proposals. The options were methodically compared using different perspectives: the urban and transport perspective, the environmental perspective or the health effect perspective using the results of a noise and dispersion study. All the proposed solutions were deemed better than the current “zero” state, but finally three options favoring the Bystrc route were recommended (the S.1, D.3 and a so-called instructed S.10 option). The road options seem to be more suitable since they provide more opportunities for crossroads locations and therefore better overall servicing of the area. These three recommended options are now being tested in the South Moravian Regional Development Principles update due to be finished next year.

Jihomoravský kraj
Jihomoravský kraj
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
Atelier ERA, PK OSSENDORF, HBH Projekt, Vítězslav Vaněk, Altimapo, AGERIS, EIA SERVIS, EKOEX JIHLAVA, ATEM – Ateliér ekologických modelů, Bucek
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112 443 ha