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The terraced house situated in Brno's popular residential neighbourhood, Černá Pole, both stands out and yet corresponds with its surroundings. Its volume complies with the one of the original building, its main part sits on a base that is sunken under the street level approximately half a floor down. Above it, there are three more floors — more or less receding prisms in white plaster combined with anthracite elements. The house ends with dark-cladded “eye” of the smoking room. Each floor opens or closes to the surroundings depending on the character of the respective sections of the house — designated for relaxation, social activities, or the private ones.

The half-sunken base contains the main entrance, facilities, garage for two cars, and a guest room overlooking the garden. The first floor with bedrooms is rather enclosed, but the part of the house designated for socialising — a living room with kitchen, a dining room, and an outdoor terrace on the next floor — have large windows opening both towards the street and the courtyard. The top floor houses a workroom, a smoking room, and a roof terrace; it is more intimate and offers views over the roofs of neighbouring houses but also allows the residents to be hidden from the sight of the neighbours. The staircase is situated in the centre of the disposition; the second and the third floor are connected with an open gallery.

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Trávníky, Brno, CZ
soukromá osoba
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project team:
Miroslav Revaj, Sylvie Zechmeisterová
Ladislav Huf (PBŘ); Roman Seiter (SKŘ); Karel Alexa (SLP); Zbyněk Holešovský / LDH (ZTI, VHS); Ivan Drápal / LDH (ÚT); Tibor Stroh / AZ Klima (VZT); Eva Velísková (PENB); Pavel Ferebauer (ROZ)
project phase:
project period:
building period:
project site:
316 m2
build-up area:
133 m2
floor area:
232 m2
Radek Brunecký