00132 revitalization of a mansion in telč

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The project solves the revitalization of a former farmhouse called Panský dvůr, north of the historic centre of Telč. Apart from the reconstructed mansion and corn loft, the proposal is based on the geometry of a circle and creates a softly-flowing space full of greenery that connects both the existing and newly designed objects into one functional whole. The new objects are defined by a basic circle with a 23 m radius and are divided into two types – public and private – which are being inscribed in the material solution. Public objects (a congress centre, a hotel, wellness, commercial space, and a restaurant…) have facades made mainly from local materials (quarry granite) and are located in the southern part of the area; the northern part is reserved for various types of housing (a student hostel, senior housing, an apartment hotel, family houses, and an apartment house) in traditional plaster fashion. The new territory aims to satisfy even the most demanding clients and to contribute to the development of tourism in the city even outside the main season.

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Slavatovská, Telč, CZE
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project team:
Tomáš Pavlíček, Jan Špirit, David Šrom, Václav Štojdl, Jan Weiss, Sylvie Zechmeisterová
project phase:
competition (2007), 1st prize
project area:
7 ha