00109 renovation of st. roch chapel in jarošov

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The main motive of the renovation is to commemorate the original baroque church from 1680 which was built in gratitude for the diversion of the plague epidemic, then deconsecrated by Joseph II and for two centuries used as an ammunition store. The torso of the church forms the current chapel and at the same time creates a dignified environment for annual pilgrimages. The chapel was optically opened up in the place of renewed triumphal arch; the disposed masonry was replaced by a glass wall protected by an iron grid. A newly-established front area is bordered by a dwarf stone wall which copies the ground plan of the peripheral walls of the original church. Besides that, an overall constructional renovation of the monument was undertaken. In the future, the chapel should become a centre of intended natural-cultural and the recreational area Park Rochus.

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Uherské Hradiště-Jarošov, CZ
Uherské Hradiště Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Tesárek
project phase:
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floor area:
100 m2
Tomáš Rasl