00255 prostějov zoning plan

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The city of Prostějov has less than 50 000 inhabitants and is located 20 km from Olomouc. It lies in the Haná region in the southern part of Hornomoravský úval and is bordered by the two streams of Hloučela and Romže. Prostějov was well-founded and thanks to regulations by J. Kumpošt and A. Liebscher in 1948, it was also well-developed. The city grew mostly towards the west where it gradually incorporated the formerly independent villages of Krasice, Čechovice and Domamyslice, and thus created a modern conglomerate of villages and housing estates. The first task was to give a certain order to this part of the compact city and to define a new sub-centre here. The second task was to complete the area with enough greenery and recreational spaces. We suggested an extension of suburban park along Hlučela and a new strip of parks on the southern edge of the compact development that should also serve as a protection against dust from the surrounding fields. A similar situation is on the eastern side of the city, behind the railway, where districts of Vrahovice and Čechůvky have grown together. Here too, it was necessary to create a new centre and boost urban greenery.

Prostějov, Olomoucký kraj, CZ
Statutory City of Prostějov
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
project phase:
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project area:
3 904 ha