00240 praha-nebušice district centre

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The competition entry deals with the conversion of a former Premonstratensian estate in Praha-Nebušice. The basic precondition for maximal utilization of the site’s potential is a complete demolition of existing buildings. New development is designed with emphasis on the creation of public spaces and functions the municipality is now lacking – the main paved square as a centre of the district with church, town hall, shop and pub; and a park square with greenery intended for relaxation and socialization. The town hall is a connection of both spaces. Furthermore, the complex includes an auditorium, a library, municipal flats, a multi-purpose house with rentable space and a post office, a senior home with senior club, a doctor and pharmacy, a maternity centre, fitness, and an apartment house oriented towards the south into the garden. In the western part, there is a separate object containing police station, fire station and technical services facility. Parking is situated underground and on the perimeter of the locality.

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Nebušická, Praha-Nebušice, CZ
Praha-Nebušice Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project team:
Josef Hajný, Václav Štojdl, Jan Tesárek, Jan Weiss, Sylvie Zechmeisterová
project phase:
competition (2009)
project area:
2,25 ha
floor area:
13 650 m2