00176 píšť zoning plan

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Píšť is a municipality, with a population of 2 000, located in the slightly undulating landscape of Opavská pahorkatina on the Polish border, roughly 10 km north of Hlučín. Its structure is typical for this locality, with houses seemingly randomly dispersed along the main road stretching almost 2,5 km in length while having no square or central space. The important spot, just like in other villages in this region, is the St. Lawrence Church (a Marian sacred place of a national importance). The municipality has three focal points along the main road where its life is concentrated. The first one is in the centre of the village by the main crossroad, where the church and town hall are situated. Here we are creating a place for a cultural centre with an auditorium and library delimitating a small square together with the town hall. Another one is a sports-recreational centre consisting of a swimming pool and a football field. For this place we have proposed a new organization of the public space and new stands with a football club facility. The last focal point is a large asphalt open space near the firehouse, a venue for the annual fair called Odpust. We are trying to modify it through surface treatment, small architecture and new city furniture so that it is pleasant all-year-round.

Píšť, Moravskoslezský kraj, CZ
Píšť Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
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1 568 ha