00713 patio mixed-use building, brno – bystrc

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The project is located at the northwestern perimeter of the city of Brno, between a socialist-era housing estate and an older development of single family homes, on a north facing site sloping towards the Brno reservoir.

The building has a square plan of 84,6 x 84,6 meters, fully exploiting the potential of the site. The single volume of the house wraps around a central patio, visually connecting all the primary functions of the building and bringing together existing pathways through the area. The central patio is connected to an adjacent park by broad exterior steps. A slightly higher, southern part of the building offers beautiful views of the reservoir, but it also features a vertical photovoltaic array producing enough electricity to cover the year-round demand of the building.

There are six floors above ground and two underground. Parking and all the building technology is located underground. The north section of the underground floor is exposed due to the sloping site and an elementary school and other business spaces are located here close to the park. A grocery store, a restaurant, some retail spaces and a sports facility (with an indoor hall for ball games) are all located on the ground floor. The sports facility partially fills the first floor, accompanied by more retail and office space. The second and third floors are left solely for offices and the fourth and fifth are used as a hotel.

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INVESTATE Beta s.r.o.
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, David Mikulášek
project period:
project site:
9 091 m2
build-up area:
7 157 m2
floor area:
14 854 m2