00222 olomouc zoning plan

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The city of Olomouc is situated in the centre of Moravia and with a population of 100.000, it is the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. The city was enclosed by the walls of a military fortress but after the fortification was demolished in the late 19th century, a ring of parks was created around the city, today separating the historical and modern development. We suggested repeating this motive further from the city centre in a form of a green semi-circle, that besides recreational function would also work as a boundary between the city and the landscape. This boundary to a large extent copies the ring of historical fortresses originally protecting the city and today is becoming a part of its recreational area. Another distinctive motive of Olomouc is the Morava River. Even though the river runs through the city in the immediate vicinity to the centre, it is hardly noticeable. We are trying to integrate it into the organism and life of the city. The last crucial theme is polycentricity. The city is divided into 26 cadastral areas basically corresponding with the original historical settlements. We designed a new division into 31 localities, most clearly defined by an existing physical line. These are completed with a structure of centres and sub-centres that should bring back the natural balance of a place where one can provide for his everyday needs in the vicinity of his house and where everyone perceives the local identity and solidarity.

Olomouc, CZ
Olomouc Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
project phase:
project period:
since 2009
project area:
10 336 ha