00370 nová klatovka 50+ residential complex

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Ptačí vrch is located in the northern part of Vranov nad Dyjí, on a promontory rising above a turn of the Dyje River by Vranov Dam. Currently, there is a desolated socialist recreational area. The new residential complex, conceived as a 50+ housing complex, consists of 118 adjustable housing units, 1-room and 2-room with kitchen nook at a rate of 1 : 2. The spatial composition of the complex is defined by the surrounding natural context with distinctive topography and cultural associations. Mostly two-floor objects are located on the contour line so that each floor is directly accessible from the terrain level. The apartments on the ground level dispose of small private gardens; the upper apartments have loggias and beautiful views of Vranov Castle and the surrounding green hills. The residential complex provides public amenities (a café, a communal dining room, a hairdresser, pedicure, and other services including the necessary technical facilities) situated mainly in the object of the newly-reconstructed Villa Klatovka or smaller newly-built objects. An important component of the whole concept is a wide variety of public open space as well as garden and landscape arrangements in the area. The existing driveway is left as a pedestrian connection with the village. New roads are designed to be barrier-free, zone 30, and with a necessary number of parking spaces.

Vranov nad Dyjí
Vranov nad Dyjí Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
project period:
od 2012
project area:
3,85 ha