00656 New town hall, prague – lysolaje

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The new town hall will stand in the historical heart of the Prague-Lysolaje municipal district on a plot of land sloping down to the Lysolajský brook. The building has been designed as an archetypal lighthouse with a saddle roof and an arbour. It is set on Starodvorská Street, oriented with one side facing Lysolajské údolí Street, where the main entrance for the town hall and the multi-purpose attic space is located, while the other side, with entrances for a shop and café, faces a newly created piazzetta. Separate entrances to the municipal police office and public restrooms are located on the west side of the building.

The basic rectangular floor plan of the building is extended on the ground floor following the shape of the lot. This affords space for a shop with a café on the ground floor and for a basement with storage and utility areas. The office of the Municipal District Authority is located upstairs, and the attic houses as a multipurpose space. It is primarily intended to serve as a library, but it may also be used as a ceremonial hall, a small venue for concerts, or an events space. The house is complemented on both sides by one newly planted tree — a lime tree at the entrance to the Town Hall and a plane tree at the entrance to the shop and café.

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Lysolajské údolí, Praha-Lysolaje, CZ
Praha-Lysolaje Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Štěpán Vašut
project phase:
project period:
project site:
2 176 m2
build-up area:
327 m2
floor area:
976 m2
build-up space:
3 971 m3