00182 nemojany residential complex

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A study and proposal for housing development of the territory northwest of the centre of the village Nemojany. The development area Podhoří is situated between a wooded hill with a local landmark, the church of St. Martin, and a picturesque valley of the river Rakovec. The functional development will focus on compact housing, and sports/leisure facilities for its residents. The basic layout of the complex respects the morphology of local terrain and the presence of the main road that divides the territory into three sections: the terraced houses in the western part, detached houses in the eastern part and an apartment block in the south. The visual tone of the residential complex is based primarily on green and white colours that are not subject to fashion trends and allow for a natural process of aging and development.

Nemojany, CZ
FRAMOZ, Moravská stavební – INVEST
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
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4 ha