00724 multi-use building ponávka / bratislavská

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A large house on a small site with an entrance court.

Located northeast from downtown Brno, the site was originally occupied by three 19th-century buildings which now replaced with a U-shaped mixed-use building composed of three wings. Each part of the building is of a different height, gradually rising from east to west up to the eight-floor volume on the corner of Ponávka and Bratislavská Street, establishing borders of a small

courtyard in the middle, which is opened towards the street. The courtyard leads to the main foyer

with a reception and commercial ground floor.

The disposition is a universal one, allowing use for both apartments and medical offices for doctors

from the neighbouring hospital. We based the interior arrangement on its orientation, respecting the necessity of the southern “blind” gable wall. The largest units are situated on the corners and on the upper floors to provide maximum sunlight. Square windows with enclosed balconies on the corners and open balconies in a checkered pattern on the east facade divide the building. The facade is simple, with light plaster; the first three floors are covered with ceramic tiles creating a “colossal order” and classical “townish” impression, as well as natural generosity. The colossal order also

refers to the morphology of the opposite house owned by the same investor who inherited it from her ancestors.

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Bratislavská-Ponávka, Brno, CZ
soukromá osoba
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, David Mikulášek, Štěpán Vašut
Radek Brunecký (vizualizace)
project phase:
project period:
od 2020
project site:
952 m2
build-up area:
650 m2
floor area:
3 818 m2