00335 milovice zoning plan

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The city of Milovice is located 35 km of Prague, in the Elbe lowlands. The current form of the city is mainly influenced by the existence of a former military domain, used successively during the whole 20th century by Austrian-Hungarian, Czechoslovak, German, and Soviet armies. The abandoned military territory and unused Boží Dar airport represent an important development potential for the future. In the last ten years, Milovice has been the most dynamically developing city in the CR, mainly because of its good accessibility to Prague and cheap living (4 212 inhabitants in 2001, 10 140 inhabitants in 2011), while the average age of the citizens is an astounding 28,3 years old. With this zoning plan we are creating conditions for healing of wounds left behind by the armies and the uncoordinated development in previous years, in order to enable the creation of a full-blooded city with everything that’s necessary. We have completed the infrastructure, designed enough places for work, living and recreation, and defined five districts tied as ribbons on the Mlynařice meadow which is a certain durable skeleton of the city.

Milovice, Středočeský kraj, CZ
Milovice Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
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project area:
3 119 ha