00729 market square, liberec

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The design concept is simple and straightforward, planting regular rows of broadleaf trees on a gently undulating paved square.

Several stages of development are proposed as the vegetation matures. While the relative effect of individual green elements will change over time, each stage creates a spatially harmonious experience. In the beginning, the young trees are accompanied by flower beds scattered around the square, arranged parallel to the tree lines. In the final stages, the fully grown trees will form a shady green cathedral in the summer. No additional flower beds or design elements will be necessary anymore, the effect being strong enough on its own. The green cathedral of grown trees will be our gift to the future, a legacy of our times. The next generation can use it according to their own needs.

Both formal aesthetics and technological aspects such as rainwater management played an important part in the final composition of materials and surfaces. The proposed irregular paving with gravel filled gaps combines a pleasing patchwork aesthetic, good function, and excellent rainwater infiltration capacity.

The design in general can be characterised as clear and durable, maintenance options are simple and logical, and the square can be easily used for a variety of purposes and is completely wheelchair accessible.

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Liberec – Tržní náměstí
Statutární město Liberec
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, David Mikulášek, Zdeněk Sendler
project team:
Sára Bohdalová, Barbora Leitmannová, Štěpán Vašut
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13 480