00333 malešovice zoning plan

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Malešovice is a village with 500 inhabitants located 25 km southwest of Brno, in the fertile lowlands of the Dyjsko-svratecký úval. This fertile flatland was already inhabited in prehistoric ages and today it is farming land with large fields and no forests or full-grown greenery. The village used to be German until WW II and after the Germans were expelled, it was inhabited mostly by Czechs from Russia. In the last 10 years, the village has been experiencing a very rapid increase in population (by almost 41 %) caused by its good accessibility to Brno, free plots for family houses and relatively good public amenities. Thanks to that, Malešovice now has approximately the same population as before the War. However, their lifestyle is entirely different – the earlier inhabitants were living off farming while the people today live more or less city life in the countryside. In our proposal, we are creating conditions for the enhancement of public amenities, new jobs and, primarily, for everyday recreation, especially in the summer when the surrounding fields are heated up and everything is dusty and heavy. We designed a development defined by planned flood precautions and framed by three parks on different sides of the village and one large forest park near the Jihlava River branch where a sports-recreational facility should emerge.

Malešovice, Jihomoravský kraj, CZ
Malešovice Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Špirit, Bohuš Zoubek
project phase:
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project area:
920 ha