00345A kuřim town hall – entrance spaces

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The city of Kuřim, with the population of approximately 11 000, is located 10 km northwest of Brno and it is the biggest city of former Brno-venkov county. The town hall building was set in the 1960’s and originally served as a hostel. Later adaptations changed its use to an administrative building. The four-storey detached building of a rectangular plan, about 45 × 15 m, is organised as a three-tract system. 

Due to the fire safety regulations the original purpose of the adaptation of the entrance spaces with the new information desk, a mailroom and a Czech POINT workplace right in the open space of the main hall had to be left and a new office only optically connected with the main hall was designed. Further more the waiting rooms of the offices in the ground floor level were connected and unified by a new furniture design.

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Jungmannova, Kuřim, CZ
Kuřim Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
project period:
building period:
floor area:
125 m2
Radek Brunecký