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Kateřinice is a village of roughly 1,000 inhabitants found in the valley of the Kateřinka creek in the Hostýn Hills, about 10 km to the northwest of Vsetín. A transformation of the local agricultural collective complex built in the seventies including the establishment of new public amenities is being planned here. New community housing for the elderly, called Kateřinka, is also a part of the proposal.

The single storey home has a rectangular plan with a central common courtyard and an open gallery running around it. This arrangement is reminiscent of the monastery cloisters, or the ancient roman house gardens as places for living, meeting, and resting in a protected environment. A flat roof connects three wings of the building, where thirteen 2-room apartments with private front gardens are located. All the other facilities of the house (a reception desk, common and meeting room, a dining room with a small kitchen, technology room) fit inside the fourth, northeast wing, adjacent to the main road. This part has a contrasting gable roof, citing a formal archetype of traditional folk architecture. Wall and roof timber cladding is used to underline the locally authentic character of the building.

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Kateřinice, CZ
Kateřinice Municipality
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
Josef Hajný (AD), Miroslav Revaj (AD), Jiří Stehno (SKŘ), Jitka Špondrová (PBŘ), Olga Krásenská (ZTI), Jan Vrba (VHS), Radek Skalník (VZT), Lenka Marková / ENBRA a Josef Bahr (ÚT), Pavel Dočekal (SIL), Václav Slíva / ATEH (LD)
project phase:
under construction
project period:
building period:
project site:
4 748 m2
build-up area:
1 486 m2
floor area:
1 051 m2