00062 hvozdec municipal centre

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This multipurpose complex is designed on the premises of a former farm facility for cows on the northern edge of Hvozdec, about 10 km northwest from Brno. The aim of the project is to complete municipal facilities regarding public services and to create space for the relaxation of the inhabitants. The proposed area consists of eight independent objects housing local authority offices, accommodation, a kindergarten, a buffet, a multipurpose hall, and a distillery with a medieval kitchen, stables for cattle, and a boiler room with biomass storage. On the west side, the objects are connected with a wooden pergola followed by outdoor sport grounds. Farm houses are situated along the eastern edge of the territory and define the communal yard. The scale and form of the designed objects correspond with the surrounding development and landscape, and the division into independent units allows the phasing of the construction according to the actual needs and financial capability of the municipality.

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Hvozdec, CZ
obec Hvozdec
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Kristýna Casková
project phase:
project period:
floor area:
1 505 m2