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Křižanovice is a small municipality with approximately 750 inhabitants located halfway between Slavkov u Brna and Bučovice. The slightly sloping, elongated site is located in the northeast part of the village, where a vicarage garden used to be, with two independent objects on it – a garage and a house. The family house is relatively ragged, its characteristic expression is created by lean roofs of different orientation with basilica-like lighting according to the needs and purpose of the given room. The social part of the house is oriented to the garden with direct access to the terrace; the relaxation zone separated by a glassed entrance hall contains private bedrooms, sanitary and technical facilities. The garage is connected to a rehearsal room and it is a one-floor object with flat roof on a rhomboid ground plan filling the western part of the site and creating a transition between the public and private. Simple white plaster facades are completed with wooden fillings in natural tone and bricks in the existing garden wall.

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Křižanovice, CZ
private individual
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
project period:
building period:
floor area:
180 m2
Radek Brunecký