00314 droždín 01 apartment house

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Originally an independent settlement, today Droždín, is a part of Olomouc, located 7 km northeast from the city centre and is a popular residential locality. The new apartment house in the central part of the district, on the site of a former farmhouse, completes the existing street front of the common. It is designed as a two-floor,no-cellar, independently standing object on a Z-shaped ground plan, defining the space of a shared inner block with parking and a small playground on one side, and private gardens on the other. The corner is stressed by three-floor ”tower” with a commercial unit in the parterre accessible from the public space. The typology of the house is a hybrid between family and apartment house – it offers a great deal of privacy (including separate entrances from the parterre and small gardens) at a convenient price.

Gagarinova, Olomouc-Droždín, CZ
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Václav Štojdl
project phase:
project period:
floor area:
900 m2