00538 dolina residential complex – a different city

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A new development on the northwest edge of Prague-Lysolaje District is being planned in the collaboration of the public and the private sector – the municipality and the developer. The aim of the project was to create a modern center of Lysolaje District and to add missing public facilities that haven’t found a place in current urban structure. The area joins the existing street network in four spots. Two public places – the square and the park – become the centre of the area. The square is defined by a community centre with a multifunctional hall and a restaurant, an apartment house with municipal apartments, a service centre (medical centre, maternity centre, grocery, etc.) and a row of single floor atrium houses. On the north there is a park ended by a kindergarten inserted into the rising ground. At the perimeter there are forty family houses arranged in form of a funnel in accordance of terrain morfology. The whole complex is complemented by a new sports centre on the northeast from the resolved area. The duality of project is enhanced by the material selection – the public (houses around the square) is represented by brickwalls while the private (family houses) is represented by combination of light plasters and stone hedges. The third added element is park including the kinder garden covered by green roof.

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Štěpnice, Praha-Lysolaje, CZ
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Weiss
project phase:
planning permission
project period:
project area:
6,3 ha
build-up area:
16 500 m2
floor area:
18 500 m2