00476 cerit science park II – 1st phase

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Rebuilt from the 1915 Bruno Bauer’s military garment manufactory, the existing office buildings form a large but completely enclosed block volume with a common courtyard in the middle. There are currently four floors above ground and one basement, the main entrance is from Chaloupeckého square and access to the courtyard is possible from Šumavská street.

There are several more or less independent adjustments being proposed, with the existing form and function of the building remaining the same. The entrance will be moved to Šumavská street, three more floors will be added at the top and one mezzanine floor for garages in the western part of the basement.

A generous entrance lobby with elevators will fill the central courtyard and connect the two parallel wings in upper levels as well. An independent load bearing steel frame with columns coming down the courtyard will support the three additional floors and a roof garden, the extension will recess slightly from the existing plane of the façade and will be largely glazed to underline the contrast of old and new.

Šumavská / Botanická / Ptašínského / Chaloupeckého náměstí, Brno
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl, Jan Weiss
project period:
building period:
od 2020
project site:
8 075 m2
build-up area:
5 970 m2
floor area:
9 960 m2
build-up space:
55 390 m3