00245a brodek 01a apartment house

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This newly-built apartment house is a part of the newly-emerging residential complex in the southwest part of the town of Brodek, 15 km south of Prostějov. The independently-standing object is designed on a sloping site of an tetragonal shape. The volume is divided into three rectangular objects that correspond with the surrounding family houses. The houses are concentrated around a triangular communication hall with access balconies and a staircase, while the overall geometry is fundamentally influenced by the shape of the plot. The objects are conceived as prisms in white plaster with an irregular play of windows and a lean roof. The reinforced concrete structure of the access balcony at two height levels is covered in a net of rust-free wires which allows for a perfect transparency of the object – lighting as well as openings. The house is partially cellared; in the basement there are cellar units, ground floor apartments have private gardens and apartments in the upper last floor have spacious terraces.

Brodek u Prostějova
Brodek Vila Park
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
project period:
floor area:
1 225 m2