00213 bouzov residential complex

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The village of Bouzov is located 30 km northwest of Olomouc, in the picturesque landscape of Bouzovská vrchovina dominated by a castle. The new residential complex for permanent living as well as for recreation will be situated in the eastern part called Pod Vršky characterized by a distinctively natural landscape and slightly sloping terrain morphology. The basic division of the territory is defined by a main road which is surrounded by nineteen luxurious independently-standing family houses with public space offering a chance to actively spend free time (a café, playground and swimming pool). The esthetic of the whole residential complex is based on maximal blending into the surrounding environment – low buildings, green roofs, stone walls, and partial terrain coverage. The emphasis is on mutual visual communication between the houses and the castle.

Bouzov, CZ
Brodek Vila Park
Jiří Knesl, Jakub Kynčl
project phase:
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project area:
4,5 ha