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00029 / northern slope of špilberk hill
location: Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic
client: Brno Municipality
competition: 2004
project area: 26 ha

The Špilberk Castle is the dominant landmark of the city of Brno. It is situated right next to the historic centre, on the top of a homonymous hill. The competition design solves the spatial arrangement of the northern side of the hill, where the park touches the ring road and the adjacent residential district. The main topic is an attempt to finish the existing open space while respecting the genius loci of the respective area and all its historical layers. The basic geometry of the proposal based on original axial openings and their visual endings is fulfilled by objects that complete the existing development of city blocks, ultimately define the park and form new streets and new squares. The main entrance space with two staircases climbing up to the castle is enhanced by entrance building with traffic terminal; on the edge of the slope there will be a new street functioning not only as a service road but also co-creating the city.