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00538 / štěpnice residential complex
location: Štěpnice, Prague-Lysolaje, Czech Republic
client: Landia Management s.r.o.
collaboration: Lukáš Fišer (visualization)
project: 2016
project area: 8,4 ha

Dolina – a different city. The new part of city which public and private sector – municipality and developer try to create. A project of modern centre of Lysolaje district has got the ambition to complete absent public facilities that haven´t found a place in current urban structure. The area will be joint the existing net of streets in four places and will be refiled by passages. The square and park – two public places should become the centre of locality. The square is defined by community centre (multifunctional hall and restaurant), appartment house with municipal appartments, service centre (medical centre, grocery etc.) and one floor atrium houses. In more nothern part there is a park limited on the north side by kinder garden inserted into the rising groung. There are also forty family houses around the centre of locality arranged in form of funnel in accordance of terrain morfology. The whole locality is completed by new sports centre located northeasterly from desinged area. The duality of project is enhanced by the materiál selection - the private (family houses) is presented by combination of light plasters and stone hedges while the public (houses defining the space of square) is presented by brickwalls. The third added element is park including the kinder garden covered by green roof.