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00487 / park klášterní hradisko urban study
location: Klášterní Hradisko, Olomouc, Olomouc region, Czech Republic
client: Olomouc Municipality
co-author: Atelier Partero – Jakub Finger, Mirka Svorová
project: 2015
project area: 22 ha

The Park Klášterní Hradisko is situated in the north-east of the Olomouc centre, close to the national cultural monument of Klášterní Hradisko. It is proposed as a recreational park of a citywide importance, featured for leisure activities.
The composition is based on a transcription of former river Morava’s meanders into an ensemble of free green spaces outlined with alleys, accompanying important communications in the area. The free space of recreational meadows is completed by single trees or groups of them. Each of these spaces includes recreational facilities such as in-line and jogging tracks, sports grounds, playgrounds, a fitpark, the space for open-air events, a traffic playground, a pump-track, a boulder area with all the necessary background. The rest of spaces is composed as leisure meadows for playing, picnics etc.