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00416 / erbenova – fibichova street urban study
location: Erbenova – Fibichova Streets, Šumperk, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic
client: Šumperk Municipality
project: 2013
project area: 21,7 ha

The housing estate „Erbenova – Fibichova“ is situated in the northern part of the city of Šumperk near the historical city centre. The former suburbs along the Bratrušovský and Temenice streams were in the end of the 70ies replaced by a new complex of housing estates for approx. 2500 inhabitants without any relation to the existing urban structures. The north-western part of the historical centre has been left totally uncovered and came into a straight contact with the slablike block of flats.
The purpose of the urban study is the completion of the existing urban structure, the organisation of the public spaces so that they become more defined and also the reduction of the lack of parking spaces. The existing urban structure is completed by new low-rise commercial buildings defining the public spaces a by two new parking houses. The new midpoint of the housing estate is created by the central space in front of the school with the statues of animals deployed on the elliptic area symbolising the globe. The main park area is situated nearby. The new public space is designed close to the junction of the Bratrušovský and Temenec streams and it creates the main entrance space to the housing estate. The adaptations of the streams banks will offer new relaxation areas.