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00375 / prostějov 03 apartment house
location: Žeranovská Street, Prostějov, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic
client: ONE V
project: 2012–2014
realization : 2016–2017
floor area: 1630 m2

The newly-built apartment house is located right next to the historic centre of the city of Prostějov, on one of the historic roads – Žeranovská Street. The house is divided into two mutually orthogonal volumes – three-floor volume with slightly embedded entrance part closes the western side of the block consisting of a multi-story development of urban character; an orthogonal five-floor part oriented into the inner block steps away from the street line and unweights the overall scale of the building. The street facade is designed to be made of large-format stone facing; a yard tract will be faced with wooden panels, while the unifying motive is a regular grid of window openings with large flower boxes. The house is conceived as senior housing and it contains 26 adjustable housing units accessible from a comfortable staircase hall, a common leisure terrace on the 4th floor being an added value. On the ground floor, there is one commercial unit and the necessary number of parking spaces in the inner block.