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00169 / koninko residential complex
location: Koninko, Kornik, Poznań, Poland
client: ECM Poznań Residence
collaboration: Roman Rutkowski / rr–a; Adrian Staszczyszyn, Sebastian Bieganowski / GROUP-ARCH
competition: 2008
project: 2008–2011
project area: 22,8 ha

The town of Koninko is located 11 km southeast of Poznań, the capital of the Wielkopolska region and an important business, industrial, transport, as well as education centre.
The residential complex occupies an area of 23 hectares right next to a lake, and in addition to housing, it contains generous public amenities (2 kindergartens, a school, a church, a restaurant, a café, a sport and recreational centre, shops, and services). It is completed with a wide range of public spaces from the waterfront promenade through small squares and comfortable streets to public sport grounds, or playgrounds. The variety of the types of housing is similarly rich: from a collective four-floor villa-houses with spacious apartments (from 2-rooms to 4-rooms) [00169A] up to individual housing in family houses of all basic types (detached houses, double houses, attached houses, atrium houses) ranging from 4-room to 8-room dispositions [00169C], [00169K], [00169L], [00169M], [00169N]. The new residential district with a capacity of approximately 2 500 inhabitants should become a foundation for the new city in the future.